Inclusief belasting

Used Yoon Young Bae as a reference for this painting, and mirrored the image to get an extra strong symmetrical look. Really enjoyed painting this lady with the bold colors. I used interior for Sarah Stacey Interior design to get inspiration for the colorcombination in the painting of Yoon. Mainly used the pink and blue of the furniture, and finished it with a black frame to match the chair. 

  • Oil painting on canvas, with a touch of gesso and chalk
  • Ready to hang
  • Signed at bottom right
  • Artwork comes framed. Frame is made from wood and painted black
  • Size artwork: 100x100cm
  • Size artwork + frame: 103x103cm
  • Free worldwide shipping

About this series
This painting is part of the "Early works" of RKHercules, a grouped series of multiple paintings that were made before RKHercules started working in series. It consists of all kinds of works; portratis, close ups, black and whites, etc.