I always feel like an artpiece should be a great addition to the room where it hangs. With my love for interior design I am often inspired by home interiors to come up with the colorpalette in my paintings. Therefor I also offer custom contemporary portraits to fit the surroundings. This way my pieces fit seamlessly with the interior in the room.  While working in traditional old masters style, I paint the portrait in multiple layers and use the color shades that  come back in the furniture, ceiling and other decoration. The personalized artpiece is created in 4 simple steps.

Step 1. Choose your colors

Based on interior samples the most important colors are picked. The samples could be from a sofa fabric, curtain fabric, wall color, floor
sample, etc. If possible, the samples are shipped to my studio, if not we PANTONE codes are shared to make the colors match as close as possible. Also the share of each color in the painting is defined.

For this example, the pink color of the chair, the blue color of the sofa and the beige color of the other chair are chosen. There are also subtle black accents in the lamp and the wooden frame of the chair. This will be reflected in the painting by framing it in a satin black wooden frame. 

pick colors for interior painting customized
vogue portrait model asian painting oil on canvas custom interior

Step 2. Image preferences

In this step the reference image will be choosen. I always work with images of beautiful models and preferences for these models can be shared in this step. Also, the overall values and stucture will be defined. Do you want the painting to be light or dark? And do prefer subtle brushstrokes, or a lot of rough texture in the painting? All options van be discussed.

In the example, we chose a medium level of values and brushstrokes. As a reference a photo of the beautiful model Yoon Young Bae was used.

Step 3. Digital preview


By combining the chosen preferences from Step 1 and 2, a preview of the painting will be created digitally. This gives a good idea of the final painting. After approval, the real painting process starts.

On the right you see how the reference images was colored with the chosen colors. The image is either dark or light and has a fair amount of structure.

custom portrait vogue model fashion painting wall art
 custom female asian vogue portrait interior design artwork wall art home decor

Step 4. Final painting

In this step I start with painting the contemporary portrait. I use Rembrandt oil paint to guarantee good museum quality colors for years. The painting itself consist of multiple layers to create a strong level of depth. First a thick layer of gesso is used, than I paint in oils like the old Masters, like Rembrandt himself, used to paint. Starting with "lean" layer and ending with "fat layers". In total the painting has about 6-8 layers, depending on how far I tweak the final stages. Every layer has its own purpose; creating structure, undertones, values, depth, lowlight and highlights. This creates a beautiful experience of depth in the colors of the paintings in real life.

In this painting I started with rough brushstrokes in gesso, to define the movement and structure in the painting. Starting in a blue & white painting as an underlayer, the final painting has a nice blue glow. By using multiple tools, like brushes, card board, pallette knives and my own hands to apply the paint, it creates a really nice movement in the final piece. I continue to add layers of paint until I am completely satisfied with the finished painting.

The final painting

Below you see the final artwork hanging in the interior. The colors of the artwork are in the same balance as the colors of the interior. This gives the interior a very cohesive strong look and feel and where the painting lifts the energy in the room.

final painting in interior colorful livingroom area custom artwork 

Looking for an artpiece that matches your living room? Feel free to shoot me a message.




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interior design custom artwork female portrait oil painting on canvas commissioned art
interior design custom artwork female portrait oil painting on canvas commissioned art
interior design custom artwork female portrait oil painting on canvas commissioned art
interior design custom artwork female portrait oil painting on canvas commissioned art