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Ajok | Black and white oil painting on paper | fashion wall art |muse model woman beautiful black lady

> Reference used
Model: Ajok Daing
Other: Arnaud Lajeunie (Photographer), Jaime Perlman (Editor), Robbie Spencer (Fashion Editor/Stylist), Soichi Inagaki (Hair Stylist), Daniel Sallstrom (Makeup Artist), Polly Philp (Set Designer), Piergiorgio Del Moro (Casting Director), Ama Quashie (Manicurist)

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>About this series
In this black and white series of paintings I am catching the power of the women, and sometimes objects, in the photographs that I use as references. The references I pick always caught my attention by a specific pose of look the model has. I feel like oil paint has the capability to add a different dimension to the fashion muses in the image. Hence, by using only black an white and different oil paint techniques I try to exaggerate the vibe thats in the picture and transfer this to a painting.